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Parts for Saga Vinyl Cutters

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Stop Static Anti-Static String Vinyl Grounding Kit
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Stop Static Anti-Static String Vinyl Grounding Kit This little string does an amazing job grounding your vinyl. Simply attach both ends of the string to grounded fasteners on your
Price: $0.00

Vinyl Cutter Power Cord


Vinyl Cutter Power Cord Replacement Power Cord for the Creation CR series vinyl cutters.
Price: $12.70

Saga Accessory
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Saga Accessory SA-AC-KT-SD Accessory Kit: Standard SA-AC-KT-PR Accessory Kit: Precision SA-AC-BH-CHR-SD Blade Holder: Chrome, Standard SA-AC-BH-BLU-PR Blade Holder: Blue, Precision
Price: $46.99

Saga Cutting Strip
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Saga Cutting Strip SA-CM-0420 Mat: PTFE Blade Cutting Strip, 420 SA-CM-0490 Mat: PTFE Blade Cutting Strip, 490 SA-CM-0720 Mat: PTFE Blade Cutting Strip, 720 SA-CM-1350 Mat: PTFE Bl
Price: $3.24



Saga Alignment System SA-ST-AB-KT-SM-BLK-PR-0720 Alignment System: Complete Kit, 720 Series, Small Bracket SA-ST-AB-KT-SM-BLK-PR-1400 Alignment System: Complete Kit, 1400 Series, S
Price: $306.99



Saga Basket SA-ST-BK-KT-BLK-SD-0720 Basket: Kit, Black, 720 SA-ST-BK-KT-BLK-SD-1350 Basket: Kit, Black, 1350 SA-ST-BK-KT-BLK-SD-1750 Basket: Kit, Black, 1750 SA-ST-BK-KT-GRY-SD-072
Price: $33.39

Saga Belt
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Saga Belt SA-BT-0420-650MXL Belt: 650 MXL Carriage, 420 SA-BT-0490-650MXL Belt: 650 MXL Carriage, 490 SA-BT-0720-650MXL Belt: 650 MXL Carriage, 720 SA-BT-1350-650MXL Belt: 650 MXL
Price: $7.97

Saga Blade
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Saga Blade SA-BD-SD-20 Blade: 20° Standard Steel SA-BD-SD-30 Blade: 30° Standard Steel SA-BD-SD-35 Blade: 35° Standard Steel SA-BD-SD-45 Blade: 45° Standard Steel SA-BD-SD-60 Blade
Price: $6.10

Saga Body Panel
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Saga Body Panel SA-EC-BLK-SD End Cap: Black, Standard SA-EC-GRY-SD End Cap: Grey, Standard SA-EC-LH-BLU-PR End Cap: Left, Blue, Precision SA-EC-RH-BLU-PR End Cap: Right, Blue, Prec
Price: $19.27

Saga Cable
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Saga Cable SA-WI-MB-CA-0420-1 Cable: Motherboard To Carriage, 1 Piece, White Ribbon 420 SA-WI-MB-CA-0490-1 Cable: Motherboard To Carriage, 1 Piece, White Ribbon 490 SA-WI-MB-CA-072
Price: $2.66

Saga Carriage
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Saga Carriage SA-CA-SP-BLK-SD Carriage: Stepper, Black, Standard SA-CA-SP-AR-BLK-SD Carriage: Stepper, ARMS, Black, Standard SA-CA-SE-GRY-SD Carriage: Servo, Grey, Standard SA-CA-S
Price: $71.99

Saga Carriage Position Sensor
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Saga Carriage Position Sensor SA-CA-CPS-1 PCB: Carriage Position Sensor, A_CAR2_V1.1 420I 490II 720I 1350I 720II 1350II SA-CA-CPS-2 PCB: Carriage Position Sensor, SAGA_A_CAR_V2.0 1
Price: $10.59



Saga Decal SA-DE-1 Decal: Saga Logo SA-DE-2 Decal: Cutter Warning SA-DE-SD-3 Decal: LCD Display, Standard
Price: $1.97



Saga Fan SA-FN-450W Vacuum: 450W FC330488, FC4560A SA-FN-750W Vacuum: 750W FC6090A, FC76106A
Price: $205.99

Saga Keypad


Saga Keypad SA-KP-BLK-SD Keypad: Black, Standard SA-KP-GRY-SD Keypad: Grey, Standard SA-KP-PUR-PR Keypad: Purple, Precision SA-KP-BLU-PR Keypad: Blue, Precision SA-KP-BLK-PR Keypad
Price: $38.79

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