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Graphics One GO EcoColor Eco Solvent Ink Discounts Apply !
Graphics One GO EcoColor Eco Solvent Ink
Graphics One GO EcoColor Eco Solvent Ink

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Eco Solvent Ink recommended for the GO X 24P 24" printer
EcoColor Advanced Color Technology provides exceptional ink performance and superior color quality.
Pour Over technology - Can be used and combined with the OEM Inks with no compatibility problems
Lower printer maintenance that enhances printhead lifespan
Wide range media compatibility
GO EcoColor Inks
Low Solvent Smell - For Safer Working Environments
Formulated with Better Pigment Binders for an Aggressive and Long Lasting Adhesion
Virtually Matches the Original Inks Color Gamut - Eliminates the Need for Color Re-Profiling
Brilliant and Saturated Colors for an Eye Popping Images and Graphic Quality
Excellent Dot Gain Control for Superior Well Defined Image Quality
Excellent Light Fastness with Impressively High UV Resistance
Advanced Nano-Pigment Particles for Superb Runability
Wide Range Media Compatibility

GO EcoColor Ink
GOs EcoColor features an Advance Color Technology formulation which provides exceptional vibrant ink performance and a easy to use pour over ink technology which means that it can be easily poured over on any original OEM ink with no ink compatibility problems, GOs EcoColor ink offers low printer maintenance and greatly enhances the printers printhead lifespan and durability, providing enormous savings in the long run. GOs EcoColor produces brilliant, saturated and wonderfully beautiful eye-pleasing colors with superior dot gain control for enhanced image quality with outstanding outdoor durability.

Ideal Application
GOs EcoColor ink offers an industry leading ink formulation that is optimized for applications such as: indoor and outdoor signs, posters, banners, long-term backlit signage, photo-realistic prints, POP displays including, stickers and many other profitable business opportunities.

Features Benefits
Produced by a World-class Ink Manufacturer Years of committed research and testing producing high quality and high performance eco-solvent dyes and pigments with industry leading ink technology and formulations
Pour Over Ink Technology Can be poured over any OEM ink with no compatibility issues
Outstanding Color Gamut Uses the finest available dye and pigment colorants producing brilliant and saturated colors
Excellent Dot Gain Control Produces superior well defined image quality and does not spread out as much on paper as the competition's inks
Environmentally Friendly Odor free and low VOCs ( Volatile Organic Compound )
Aggressive Adhesion and Fast Drying Time Ink produces quick drying graphics that adhere more aggressively to a wide variety of substrates, increasing productivity. Faster drying times also promote long production runs, even in high speed mode
Wide Range Media Compatibility Can print high quality images on various medias including vinyls, banners, backlit, blockout and much more.
High Lightfastness and High UV Resistance Outdoor durability of up to 3 years, without lamination. Prevents color decomposition and decolorization of pigments under the influence of direct sun light (UV light).
Low Maintenance Reduces Printer Maintenance and Enhances Printhead Longevity
Advanced Nano-Pigment Particles Produces superb ink runability for an optimum interaction between the ink and the printer, the paper and the printer, and the ink and paper
Identical Chemical and Color Gamut Compatibilty Color profiles made for the original inks can continue to be used after installation of GO EcoOneAT Ink
Price Best value and competitive pricing in the industry


Price: $54.99

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