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DIETZGEN MagicŪ SIENA250L 10 Mil Photo Paper (Luster) Discounts Apply !
DIETZGEN MagicŪ SIENA250L 10 Mil Photo Paper (Luster)
DIETZGEN Magic SIENA250L 10 Mil Photo Paper (Luster)

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MAGIC SIENA250 is a 10 mil instant dry, bright white, photo papers (available in luster and gloss).
SIENA250 features a premium resin coated base paper, a smooth and consistent proprietary coating layer to provide excellent ink adhesion, print quality, line acuity and image clarity without sacrificing print speed or color accuracy.

Premium resin coated base paper
Instant dry
Vibrant colors
Rich blacks
Fade resistant
Bright white
Smooth luster/satin finish
Compatible with most PSA and thermal overlaminates

Premium photo reproduction
Premium art reproduction
Photo books
Gallery reproductions
Limited edition


Siena 250 products are the latest next-generation resin coated photobase papers for high speed, thermal and piezo waterbased inkjet printer systems, with dye and pigment inks. The universal coating provides vibrant colors and instant dry times, even with pigment inks. These products will produce long-lasting, stable, ink jet images never before possible with dye-only compatible media. Siena 250 photobase papers are available in both gloss and lustre finishes.

Printer and Ink Compatibility: Siena 250 products can be used on most thermal and piezo water-based printing systems such as: Hewlett-Packard DesignJet, Epson Stylus, and Canon iPF series. Both dye and pigment inks can be used. Ink dry times will be dependent on ink saturation level and humidity.

Printer Settings: To optimize print quality, printers should be set for the highest print quality or photobase print mode. The recommended media settings are: Durable Gloss UV in HP5000 series, Premium Glossy Photo/best for HPZ series, Premium Glossy Photo 250/1440dpi/fast/fine for Epson series, and Glossy Photo/std for Canon 8000 series. Ink saturation limits can vary due to ink types, ink drop volume and humidity, so ink saturation levels should be optimized for specific printer, ink and softwarecombinations. Over saturation will result in paper cockle and possibly head strike. Siena 250 products work best in an environment between 18-30oC or 65-86oF and between 30-70%RH. Longer ink dry times will occur at higher RH environments.

Image Stability: Color stability is strongly dependent on the ink used. Images are affected by temperature, humidity, indoor daylight and ozone. The overall life expectancy of an image will be determined by the environment factor that is more destructive than the storage and use conditions.

Lamination: This product can be overlaminated with most cold laminates and low temperature laminates, but cold are preferred and give better adhesion results. When the paper is overlaminated with heavy gauge laminates and either mounted to a board or encapsulated, overlap the image with a 0.25 inch safe edge of laminate. This will seal the paper, preventing moisture absorption and paper splitting from the undue stress of the heavy gauge laminating films. Use laminates of equal gauge when encapsulating to prevent image curl. Overlaminating will decrease the rate at which the images fade, but due to the optical characteristics of the material, dye-based ink density may appear less vibrant when laminated. Lamination can be done immediately after printing as long as the image is dry to touch, where inks do not smudge or smear to the touch. Avoid direct contact of image side to lamination rolls as sticking may occur. Cold, pressure-sensitive adhesives typically provide the most aggressive bonds and are recommended for use with this product.
Siena 250L by Magicl is the latest development in lustre, resin-coated photobase papers for high-speed thermal and piezo ink jet printers equipped with either dye or pigmented inks. Siena 250L by Magicl features extremely vibrant colors and instant dry times, even with pigmented inks. Caliper: 9.4 mil


Price: $137.99

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