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Creation CR730 25" Vinyl Cutter Discounts Apply !
Creation CR730 25" Vinyl Cutter
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Creation CR730 25" Vinyl Cutter

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Creation CR730 USB 2.0

The Creation CR series vinyl cutters have been brought back by popular demand. These are the best cutters for cutting delicate materials such as window tint, sign vinyl and heat transfer material. The sandbar drive system is gentile on the material and the vacuum pull down system is continuous across the length of the machine resulting in good tracking of thin materials. Pair with VinylMaster for best results.

We are proud to offer a new addition to our vinyl cutter line: The Creation Signature Series CR730. The improvements made to this cutter make it second to none. From the larger LCD screen to the faster, quieter and far more accurate stepper motors are just the beginning. Not to mention the new USB 2.0 connection port for easy, plug and play setup. Also what sets this cutter above the rest is the use of ducted channels and a very powerful fan that holds the material flat on the cutter. By doing so, you will eliminate the need of multiple pinch rollers that can mar the material. The Creation CR730 cutters use only quality electronics with all surface mounted parts. By doing so, you can expect a precision cutter with unsurpassed reliability. You will also notice the new Media Basket that will keep your expensive material off of the ground thus reducing unwanted scratches.

Thanks to advancements in technology as well as our strong purchasing power, we are able to offer you these cutters at great prices.

All of the Creation Signature Series cutters come packaged with Sign Cut Productivity Suite. Signcut is an internet based cutting software and must have a constant connection to the internet to run correctly. Also included are 3 blades, floor stand, connectivity cables, a plotting pen as well as screws. Everything that you need to get started except vinyl and other supplies for sign making.

What's Included

- 25" Creation Signature CR730 Cutter / Plotter
- Floor Stand
- Sign Cut Productivity Suite
- 3 Cutting Blades
- Assembly Hardware
- Connectivity Cables

Creation CR730 Details

- Brand: Creation
- Model: CR730
- Roller Bars: 1- may differ from pictures shown
- Max Paper Width: 28.7 (730mm)
- Max Cutting Width: 24.6 (625mm)
- Max Cutting Speed 400 mm/s
- Motherboard: 32-bit ARM7 CPU
- Driver: High-Speed Stepping Motor, Micro-Step Driver
- Cutting Force: 0-800 Grams
- Mechanism Precision : 0.05mm
- Repeatability: <+-0.01mm
- Command Set: DMPL, HPGL
- Interface: USB 2.0
- Three Pinch Rollers
- Power Requirements: 110V AC
- Will cut up to 15 mil

Operating Environment

- Temperature 41-95F
- Humidity: 30%-70%

Not Compatible with Mac OS, Windows only

Please note, if you plan on using the CR series cutters for window tint please be aware that they have been tested with and function with VinylMaster, Flexi and SignCut Pro 1.96.
Many tint programs work within Flexi or can export their templates to one of these cutting programs.
TintTek 20/20 is one such program.
If the tint program you would like to use does not work with one of these 3 verified software packages then please choose an alternate cutter that is directly compatible with the tint software you prefer to use.

We have done substantial testing with the CR1201 / CR1300 cutters and window tint. The results are mixed. Some tint can be cut with these cutters and some cannot. Multi ply tint seems to be especially difficult for these cutters to cut consistently.


Price: $436.50

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