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Kapco® Ultra-Cut™ II Polyethylene Stencil Material Discounts Apply !
Kapco Ultra-Cut II Polyethylene Stencil Material

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New from KAPCO.
A premium, reusable, general purpose stencil material for all cutters/plotters.
Economical 8.5 mil, 0.0085" thick, semi-rigid white clay-coated polyethylene with ultra removable repositionable adhesive on a heavy natural Kraft backing stencil that easily conforms to curved or irregular surfaces.
Designed for applications of characters of " and larger.
Great for marking and stenciling throughout a wide range of industries from transportation to manufacturing in addition to home craft.
Impervious to inks, paints and stains.
Coating protects against runs and smears common with plastic stencils.
Safe, non-toxic and recyclable.
Recommended: 45/55 blade, 120 g minimum force.
Available in 15", 24" and 30" x 100' rolls on 3" cores.
Made in the U.S.A.
Physical Properties
The following information on physical and chemical characteristics is based upon tests believed to be reliable.
The values are intended only as a source of information.
They are given without guarantee and do not constitute a warranty.
The purchaser should independently determine, prior to use, the suitability of this material for his/her specific purpose.
(Data represents averages and is not intended for use as a specification).
Construction: White polyethylene, clay-coated two sides, coated with ultra removable adhesive and laminated to high tack poly-seal coated brown Kraft liner. Rolled onto 3" cores in 100' lengths and various widths.
Outdoor Durability: Product designed for short-term contact to allow stenciling.
Application Temperature: Surface temperatures above +180 F may cause product distortion and shrinkage.
Service Temperature Range: -40 F to +180 F
Thickness: 8.5 mil
Adhesive Properties: Non-toxic ultra removable/microsphere based.
Typical Adhesion Values: 0.5-1.0 oz/inch (14-28 grams/2.5 cm)
Dimensional Stability: No measurable shrinkage
Shelf Life: 2 years at +70 F (21 C) 50 % relative humidity.
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to mild acids, alkalies and salts.
Solvent Resistance: Resistant to most petroleum based oil, grease and aliphatic solvents.
Typical Uses: Electronically cut stencils and paint masks.
Common Problems: Delamination of face stock from backing may occur is product is left "un-rolled" for an extended period of time. Secure the product to the roll after using and to store.


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