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ProCut Precision Vinyl Cutter

ProCut Precision Vinyl Cutter Discounts Apply !

10% Off Add To Cart For Bundled Discount

ProCut Precision Vinyl Cutters

If you are looking for a new vinyl cutter plotter or sign making machine you have come to the right place. Our top ProCut vinyl cutter offering is now the ProCut Precision line of vinyl cutter machines!
A ProCut Precision vinyl cutter plotter is the newest in the ProCut lineup and feature several benefits over our other Saga vinyl cutting machine.
Some of these benefits for these vinyl cutter machines include:

1) Enhanced cross section strength. This reduces the deflection when the cutter cuts thereby keeping the distance between the rail and the cutting strip more consistent which results in a more consistent cut depth across the width of the vinyl cutter machine.
2) Due to the enhanced cross section and strength of the cutter, the top cross bar is no longer needed as a structural member of the frame. As a result, the top cross plate can now pivot up allowing easier access to the carriage and blade holder.
3) To distinguish these units from other units in the ProCut lineup the colors have been updated to grey and beige frames with blue and purple end caps.
4) The ARMS versions of these cutters are now equipped with a vacuum system for the best alignment possible when doing automatic contour cutting.
5) These vinyl cutter machines carry the same 2 year / 3 year warranties, education and training program as all other ProCut cutters. They are also eligible for our trade in / trade up program.

ProCut Precision Contour Vinyl Cutter 720 28.35"
ProCut Precision Contour Vinyl Cutter 1350 53.15"
ProCut Precision Servo Contour Vinyl Cutter 720 28.35"
ProCut Precision Servo Contour Vinyl Cutter 1350 53.15"
ProCut Precision Servo ARMS Vacuum Vinyl Cutter With Automatic Registration Mark System 720 28.35"
ProCut Precision Servo ARMS Vacuum Vinyl Cutter With Automatic Registration Mark System 1350 53.15"


Saga Vinyl Cutter

Saga Vinyl Cutter

Saga makes awesome vinyl cutters and CutterPros is proud to carry and service these as part of the ProCut lineup. Servo and contour cutters including the Contour 2400 vinyl cutter, Contour 4800 vinyl cutter, Servo 2400 vinyl cutter, Servo 4800 and Servo 6400 vinyl cutter.
These cutters are compatible with a wide variety of software such as DragonCut, SignCut, Flexi series (version 10.5 or higher recommended), VinylMaster Series, WinPC Sign and several others.

See the DragonCut web site for demos of these cutters in action.

There are also several videos available on

Saga Vinyl Cutter ARMS Contour Cut With DragonCut ProCut Saga Vinyl Cutter Contour Cutting ARMS System ProCut Saga Vinyl Cutter Contour Cutting
Saga Label Cutter
Saga Label Cutter

A very convenient feature of the Saga series vinyl cutters is that they connect directly through the USB. There is no need to install a driver as the motherboard connects automatically to Windows. With DragonCut, establishing connection with the software is as easy as unplugging the cutter from the PC and plugging it back in. DragonCut senses the device upon plug in to the USB port.

The Saga cutters can also be posted to your printer list for cutting directly from Corel Draw, Illustrator, AutoCAD or other vector art capable software. Using the Saga plug-in, your cutter will be posted to your printer list as "CUTTER". Pulling up the preferences of the CUTTER device will give you the option to set the blade offset and the overtravel for your vector loops.

If you are interested in an ARMS vinyl cutter machine then we highly recommend that you get DragonCut to drive your cutter. The Saga ARMS vinyl cutters can contour cut decals with DragonCut for a very long tracking distance through the use of multi-marks. The multi-mark system in DragonCut is unique to the Saga cutters at this time.

Here you will find the following cutters:

Saga Stepper Contour Vinyl Cutter

Saga 16.54" Contour 1500 Desktop Vinyl Cutter SA420CDN
Saga 28.35" Contour 2400 Stand Vinyl Cutter SA720CSN
Saga 53.15" Contour 4800 Stand Vinyl Cutter SA1350CSN

Saga Servo Contour Vinyl Cutter

Saga 28.35" Servo 2400 Stand Vinyl Cutter SA720SSN
Saga 53.15" Servo 4800 Stand Vinyl Cutter SA1350SSN
Saga 68.9" Servo 6400 Stand Vinyl Cutter SA1750SSN HEAVY

Saga Stepper ARMS Vinyl Cutter

Saga 28.35" Stepper 2400 ARMS Stand Vinyl Cutter SG-720IP
Saga 53.15" Stepper 4800 ARMS Stand Vinyl Cutter SG-1350IP

Saga Servo ARMS Vinyl Cutter

Saga 16.54" Servo 1500 ARMS, Desktop Vinyl Cutter SA420ADN
Saga 28.35" Servo 2400 ARMS Stand Vinyl Cutter SG-720IIP
Saga 53.15" Servo 4800 ARMS Stand Vinyl Cutter SG-1350IIP
Saga 68.9" Servo 6400 ARMS Stand Vinyl Cutter SG-1750IIP HEAVY

Saga Servo Industrial Vinyl Cutter

Saga 53.15" Servo 4800 Industrial Stand Vinyl Cutter SAGA-1350III HEAVY


GCC Vinyl Cutter

GCC Vinyl Cutter

GCC has been making vinyl cutters for over 25 years. Putting that experience to great use, GCC has arrived at their current product lineup!

After acquiring a GCC cutter, please visit GCC World to join the GCC Club.
After joining the GCC Club you will have access to drivers and other documentation.

GCC Cutters available here include:

GCC Expert Vinyl Cutter

GCC Expert 24" Desktop Vinyl Cutter
GCC Expert 24" Vinyl Cutter
GCC Expert 52" Vinyl Cutter

GCC Expert LX Vinyl Cutter

GCC Expert LX 24" Desktop Vinyl Cutter
GCC Expert LX 24" Vinyl Cutter
GCC Expert LX 52" Vinyl Cutter

GCC Expert Pro Vinyl Cutter

GCC Expert Pro 24" Desktop Vinyl Cutter
GCC Expert Pro 24" Vinyl Cutter
GCC Expert Pro 52" Vinyl Cutter

GCC Puma III Vinyl Cutter

GCC Puma III 24" Desktop Vinyl Cutter
GCC Puma III 24" Vinyl Cutter
GCC Puma III 52" Vinyl Cutter

GCC Jaguar IV Vinyl Cutter

GCC Jaguar IV 24" Desktop Vinyl Cutter
GCC Jaguar IV 24" Vinyl Cutter
GCC Jaguar IV 40" Vinyl Cutter
GCC Jaguar IV 52" Vinyl Cutter
GCC Jaguar IV 72" Vinyl Cutter

GCC RX Vinyl Cutter

GCC RX 24" Vinyl Cutter
GCC RX 40" Vinyl Cutter
GCC RX 52" Vinyl Cutter
GCC RX 72" Vinyl Cutter

GreatCut Vinyl Cutter Software

SignPal Vinyl Cutter Software

GCC Vinyl Cutter Blades

GCC Vinyl Cutter Accessories


Vinyl Cutter Packages

Vinyl Cutter Packages

A great selection of vinyl cutters and vinyl cutting machines packaged with vinyl, transfer tape, vector art, heat presses and several other peripherals

For a quick comparison matrix of our vinyl cutter packages click here!

Professional Decal Vinyl Cutter Package
This is our newest package designed for those that want a solvent ink printer and a contour cutter for contour cutting out your decals. We highly recommend pairing the solvent ink printer with a Precision or Saga vinyl cutter. This package will allow you to make decals on regular calendared or cast vinyl and then contour cut them.

Ricoh Sublimation System Vinyl Cutter Package
This package includes our sublimation printer, inks, vinyl cutters, heat presses and some materials to get you started sublimating.

Beginner Vinyl Cutter Package
Our Beginner vinyl cutter package includes 5 yard vinyl with color selection and several other hand tools that you will need to get started.

Starter Vinyl Cutter Package
Our Starter vinyl cutter package includes more selectable vinyl than the Beginner package and more transfer tape.

Intermediate Vinyl Cutter Package
Our Intermediate vinyl cutter package has 10 yard selectable vinyl, more transfer tape and Vector Art Collections 1 2 and 3.

Professional Vinyl Cutter Package
The Professional vinyl cutter package includes blades and heat transfer material in addition to the Intermediate vinyl cutter package offerings.

School Vinyl Cutter Package
For our School vinyl cutter package we include Action Sports artwork along with vector art software

Racing Vinyl Cutter Package
Our Racing vinyl cutter package includes Action Trades & Racing as well as Action Elements Of Style

Real Estate Vinyl Cutter Package
For the Real Estate professional, we include Quiksigns, Stakes, Blanks and Banners

Heat Press Vinyl Cutter Package
Our Heat Press vinyl cutter package includes your choice of press along with heat transfer vinyl and shirts to get you started

Home Hobbyist Vinyl Cutter Package
The Home Hobbyist vinyl cutter package includes Etchall products for etching.


Graphtec Vinyl Cutter

Graphtec Vinyl Cutter

Silhouette Vinyl Cutter

Graphtec Silhouette 8" Vinyl Cutter

Craft Robo Pro Vinyl Cutter

Graphtec Craft Robo Pro 15" Vinyl Cutter

CE6000 Series Vinyl Cutter

Graphtec CE6000-40 15" Vinyl Cutter
Graphtec CE6000-60 24" Vinyl Cutter
Graphtec CE6000-120 48" Vinyl Cutter
Graphtec CE6000-120AKZ 48" Vinyl Cutter

FC8600 Series Vinyl Cutters

Graphtec FC8600-60 24" Vinyl Cutter
Graphtec FC8600-75 30" Vinyl Cutter
Graphtec FC8600-100 42" Vinyl Cutter
Graphtec FC8600-130 54" Vinyl Cutter
Graphtec FC8600-160 64" Vinyl Cutter

Graphtec Flexi Vinyl Cutter Software Packages


Roland Vinyl Cutter

Roland Vinyl Cutter

Roland GX-300 Vinyl Cutter
Roland GX-400 Vinyl Cutter
Roland GX-500 Vinyl Cutter
Roland Flexi Vinyl Cutter Software Packages


Creation Vinyl Cutter

Creation Vinyl Cutter

ProCut Vinyl Cutter Series cutters by Creation Mechanical and Electrical.

ProCut CR630 Vinyl Cutter
ProCut CR730 Vinyl Cutter
ProCut CR1200 Vinyl Cutter
ProCut CR1300 Vinyl Cutter


Vinyl Cutter Trade-In Program

Vinyl Cutter Trade-In Program

Trade in your vinyl cutter for an upgraded model!
ProCut Precision Series
Saga Series Vinyl Cutters
Creation Series Vinyl Cutters
Titan Series Vinyl Cutters
MH Series Vinyl Cutters
SC Series Vinyl Cutters
LaserPoint II Series Vinyl Cutters
Eligible for trade up here!


Vinyl Cutter Blades Saga & Creation

Vinyl Cutter Blades Saga & Creation

Replacement blades for Creation and Saga vinyl cutter.

Vinyl Cutter Parts

ProCut vinyl cutter series replacement parts and blades.

Vinyl Cutter Extended Warranty

Vinyl Cutter Extended Warranty

CutterPros offers the best warranty in the business for ProCut vinyl cutters. Here you can extend your existing great warranty for an even better one!