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Epson EcoMax Piezo Outdoor Printer for Sepiax Ink 24 Inch
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EcoMax 24 is a green printer with excellent indoor and outdoor printing quality. Fast output is achieved with compression and decompression technologies to speed data to the printer without reducing print quality. This system uses piezo print heads with optimized performance that is fine tuned for use with SEPIAX ink. With particulate sizes of 3.5 picoliters, smoothness and detail are exceptional.

· Print heads are coMax utilizing Vivid Ink Technology (VIT).
· This allows for more color gamut for improved color accuracy with blues, magentas, oranges and reds.
· The 5 channel VIT will support SEPIAX ink.
· SEPIAX ink will print on virtually any coated or uncoated substrate "direct-to-anything".
· SEPIAX ink is water based, environmentally friendly and produces high quality images that will not fade in outdoor use.
· SEPIAX ink will last up to three years outdoors without lamination.

· No Hazard monomers
· Adhesion similar to UV Curable Inks
· Durability rivaling Eco-solvent ink
· Compatible with all Epson Piezo Print heads

Key Features:

· The ONLY indoor/outdoor printer in the market available at this size and price point
· Strikingly Beautiful 24-inch images with Advanced Vivid Color Technoology (VCT) for vibrant realistic images
· Perfect for any indoor or outdoor job
· Technical expertise to match green needs: water-based and no smell or fumes
· Prints on virtually anything coated or uncoated with eco-friendly water-based SEPIAX ink
· Advanced 5-channel micro print heads utilizing EPSON Piezo technology capable of extreme dot placement accuracy
· Auto-align and nozzle check for continuous print production
· Up to 2880 DPI resolution with 3.5 picolitre droplet size
· Borderless printing
· Handles roll or cut sheet media up to for the EcoMax 24” and 1.5mm thick - ideal for POP
· New flange roll holder for fast and easy media changeover
· Built-in rotary media cutter enables fast, automatic, accurate media cutting
· 2.5” color LCD control panel with white backlight for your convenience


· Outdoor or indoor graphic signs
· banners
· flags
· POP and POS displays
· car wraps/vehicle displays
· decals
· photo reproduction
· custom floor graphics and designs
· custom wall displays and murals
· building murals
· trade show graphics
· sportswear, apparel
· fashion textiles
· shop awnings
· window graphics
· real estate signs
· campaign signs
· yard signs
· stickers and decals

Start up kit includes:
· 4 liters SEPIAX ink
· 3 rolls of 24" media
Price: $0.00
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