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Etchall Resist Gel
etchall® resist gel is a water-based gel that enables you to create your own unique designs without using a stencil.
etchall® resist gel forms a protective barrier against etchall® etching creme or etchall® dip 'n etch. This acts as a barrier preventing the surface from being etched.
etchall® resist gel can be either squeezed directly from the bottle or brushed evenly onto glass.
etchall® resist gel appears green and opaque when wet, but dries clear. Drying time depends on thickness of application.
Apply etchall® resist gel to a clean glass surface using the gel to draw a design. This design will be the unetched portion of the glass. Use the resist gel to build a barrier around the perimeter of the area to be etched in order to protect the rest of the glass. Let the etchall® resist gel dry completely, and apply etchall® etching creme as directed. Remove the etching creme according to the directions on the bottle, and peel the dry resist gel from the surface while holding the object under running water. Discard the used etchall® resist gel and rinse the object again. Your design is ready!

Available in a 4oz Bottle

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